Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"
Kitten and Fish Bowl   Dorothy dhunter Adams Wally Adams 1998  acrylic study   Dorothy dhunter Adams Lady   SOLD
Thunderskies Small Like Me   Dorothy dhunter Adams Topsy Turvey - 8 DOLLS IN A ROW
WatercolourGraphite & Ink & Coloured PencilDolls
2004 White-Throated Sparrow Motivated Mothers  - Women of Kenya  SOLD
Book - Watercolour Memories - Seasons of My ChildhoodOriginal Paintings for CardsSERIES - Water For The Children
1990 Cold Springs Farm 1990 Mural - Detail Butterfly - Blue & Yellow Sanctuary Four - Flagstone Path off Deck
Cold Springs Farm MuralsMurals & Montages & Glass ArtMy Garden Sanctuary
The Artist Painting - Cortona Italy
The Artist